Waste and Sustainability Consultation

After more than 45 years of designing, making, building and inventing with waste materials I have become pretty much an expert in the re-use of some of them and the recycling of many of them.

As a friend to various contractors and neighbours over the years I have advised them with how to deal with the waste from building developments, garden and interior design projects. In 2018 I was asked by EcoBuild to help them become Zero Waste for their show at ExCel London. This has now lead to requests from numerous large corporations, waste handling plants and manufacturers to advise them on their waste processes.

Please get in contact if you wish to discuss your waste processes or any other sustainability issues that you may have. We can offer a tailored service to your requirements and hopefully we can assist in initially reducing the waste you may produce and then eventually provide solutions to your recycling, re-use or eventually disposal as a last resort.

This page is still being rebuilt, please keep an eye out for new photos coming soon.