The London National Park City is launching on July 22nd 2019, with a series of activities during a special National Park City festival between the 20th and 28th July. Ongéan Environmental Design Lab and StudioGreen London will be holding our own events programme in conjunction with this festival.

Starting in June this year, we will open the gates of our studio to allow guests in to help GREEN our wonderful long mews. It is already home to hundreds of plants but now we have the target in the thousands. With the addition of multiple living walls and planting in any available container we hope to go over ten thousand plants and possibly reach thirty thousand.

This substantial increase in our planting will consist of weeds that grow directly from the soil that we have created and will be seeded with edible and herbal plants too, with as many insect attracting varieties as possible. To facilitate the large amount of water required to keep the plants growing healthily we have already started to stock pile hundreds of litres of rain water, grey water from staff showers and have greatly reduced our normal water consumption by installing an exterior rain washed urinal.

This is just the start of our process so keep an eye out for updates.