Here is a selection of photos from our mini ' Urban Farm ' that we started as an experiment at our workshop and studio home over the past few years.

In 2014, 100 used plastic dustbins were bought from Ebay and filled with the soil dug out of an embankment between our neighbouring property when the re-building of a shared wall was constructed. This soil was the composting remnants of 15 years of leaf fall, vegetable matter from our kitchen,  grass cuttings and garden waste from 5 neighbouring properties. A wonderful mix of natural organic matter. 

These bins were planted with various vegetable crops including beans, squash, corn, salad leaves, leeks and herbs. We also grew a couple of experimental living walls using recycled plastic drinks bottles and grew copious amounts of salad. In such small spaces it is possible to grow a vast amount of your own produce. 

In 2020 we expanded our growing during the pandemic not knowing what was coming, and if this model could be used permanently, and eventually to provide produce For ' The Global Warming Kitchen ', maybe a small farm shop and use this example as a teaching resource. 

We grew an incredible amount of food. Harnessing the thermal mass of the walls we were able to grow 400 plus cucumbers, a couple of hundred courgettes and marrows, and in 2021 melons.

We set up an instagram just to record this.

This will soon be updated with new images from the previous years and since the pandemic to show what can be grown in a city setting.

Its now 30th October 2023 and I have just picked a few raspberries and the last strawberries have been slugged. There are still cucumbers on the vines and lots of tomatoes with a squash variety still flowering.