The Great British Forest

Ride a horse, cycle , walk or possibly use a personal electric transporter to take you from one end of the UK to the other through a protected woodland corridor. This Green route will link up and connect the existing large forests and woodlands of the UK . By utilising the existing railway embankments and routes, greening the new rail links with accessible paths and by the possible permission of private land owners and farmers this green route could be possible. Asking school children to collect thousands of tree seeds from acorns, conkers and beech nuts etc and then getting them to grow them initially at home on their window sills, a personal and unique approach to this forest could be created. Trees, copses and small woodlands could be dedicated to individuals as memorial sites with local pubs, schools and churches creating fund raising ventures to buy woodland areas that are currently for sale. This route would give a much needed boost to rural communities who's economy has faded due to the centralisation of population and by the purchase of rich individuals second homes in the countryside. The wildlife of the UK will also see an increase in numbers with everything from insects, reptiles, predatory birds to mammals of all sizes. Please look out for the webpage: , coming soon.