Environmental Design Lab


 ' It's a rubbish job but I love it ..!! '

Ongéan Environmental Design Lab ;
Designs and creates buildings, furniture, interiors and lighting from a minimum of 95% reclaimed materials.
We are planning environmental landscapes and hope to build wildlife habitats with country wide projects on the drawing board.
Ongéan also advises on waste management as a consultation service for the construction and event industries and provides a solution based alternative system for the use and re-use of these,  was once,  waste materials. 
Our comprehensive reclamation and re-use processing plant that is part of 'TheLondonMine' has a massive store of materials that have been carefully sorted and prepared awaiting their future use . Our antique timbers have been used for our own builds and for a listed building to replace old beams.
Our home base is in Park Mews where an extensive refurbishment of the property has been, and is still being undertaken.
The project is the brainchild of the curator and designer of Ongéan, Adam Ge-Saelis. He has spent over 22 years working on the redevelopment of the mews using a slow architecture philosophy and with the maximum use of reclaimed materials. Read on to find out more.