TheLondonMine : Gallery and Event Space

 All things Reclaimed, Recycled, Salvaged and Remade. A Pre-Apocalypse Paradise. In our new expanded space, Futuristic Films, Talks, Lectures, and Educational Events will take place.

A recent soft launch in conjunction with The London Festival of Architecture 2023, showed the partly finished space. It’s still in construction and will slowly open throughout the winter.

TheLondonMine when finished, will be the only gallery space in the world, dedicated to hosting its specially curated shows.

It’s in house Prop-Store that can take over the whole space for pop-up events will sell : recycled art, furniture, fabrics, up-cycled and remade items, reclaimed designs, cabins, clothes and lighting.

As well as the above will be slabs of wood, off cuts of plywood and plaster board plus many other things that we all need in a small amounts that are difficult to buy from most usual outlets. Our extensive collection of previously 'scrap' items will be added to our display week by week with an ever changing assortment becoming a live art event in its own right.

We also have an on-site processing plant for waste materials.

Here demolition timbers are de-nailed and planed, broken windows have their glass removed to be made into picture frames, plastic containers of different sizes are turned into lighting and film set flats and building site hoarding is converted into panels for building cabins.

Our on-site store is immense and some of the larger pieces include the timber roof from a demolished church and A-frames from a large Victorian warehouse, 60 plus glue-lam timbers that were the support beams from the channel tunnel and many more large reclaimed wooden beams. We have way over a 100 doors and windows plus numerous ducting and ventilation components with many other interesting industrial items, that include machinery and electrics.

Please look out for updates for open days and up-coming events.